Aarhus MTB:

Aarhus MTB is a mountainbike club for everybody no matter level of experience or ambition.

Our club was founded 2nd of February 2015 as two existing MTB clubs joined forces and experiences. Aarhus MTB has got more than 400 members training on all levels.


The club offers a wide range of training ranging from social rides for the beginner, more skilled riders, sport/elite, specific women team, and kids/youth.

We think it is easier to get a workout done if you got an appointment with others, rather than go training on your own. Thus, the training is where we meet and build social relations and this is the basis of our club activities. 

Adult training is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM and Sunday at 10AM. Normally, we meet at our clubhouse at Observatoriestien 1 A. We recommend you to show up 10-15 min before the training begin to get an opportunity to get to talk to the trainers and tour guides. Kids training is Wednesdays at 5.30PM. Furthermore, club members arrange separate rides around the trail.

Most of our rides are on the tracks in the Marsellis and Fløjstup forests south of Aarhus.

Social activities:

The aim of our Sunday rides are both social and training. During the summer months, Aarhus MTB visit tracks around Jylland and arrange for the members to participate in different races.

For more information:

Before showing up the first time, or if you have any kind of questions, please contact Camilla Kristensen,   or + 45 40553948 - so we can give you the best possible experience.

Looking forward to be hearing from you.

//Aarhus MTB